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Content Crisis

I had started this blog initially as my space to share the photos I used to take. But at times I dont get to click photos. The camera always dont work well. I run out of contents. I lost so many of my readers from whole around the globe. I lost my grip in my English as well.

The truth is that my lifestyle changed. From school days to college days. My college is situated in a village where the people are still not taken by the technology. But because of that the have a lots of love and affection towards each other. No one is greedy like the city folks. There is enough greenery for a nature lover. There is a ground for playing a friendly football match. The old village system still exist here. Going to the city like Kozhikode still make some people wonder because some of them still haven't been there.

For me its like one of the good place on the planet Earth. I live in the first floor of a lodge like building for rent along with two of my classmates. For food, there is a small rest…
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Taking an opportunity to click a picture of a watch which is washed by the sunrise directly from the window. PS: the camera should be charged well. ;)

The watches belonged to Krishnadath.a.k.a Kinnan

Aluva River

Aluva river is actually the part of the Periyar river flowing through the Aluva town of Ernakulam district in Kerala. The flow of the water is very strong during the heavy monsoon season and the water can rise up to about 6 meters (guess). When the water from the mountains is very less the backwaters from the Arabian Sea flows in. The main attraction here is the Shiva Temple that get immersed in flood waters during the monsoon which is similar to the phenomenon of the Kottiyur temple in Kannur district. There are a lot of space around this temple for people to do activities including so many temple rituals.Bathing and swimming in the river is an awesome experience. By morning the cool atmosphere comes up and the warm waters have special effects on our body. If you wish to swim, you are never alone because there are so many other people as well who come here to swim and to take bath everyday.If you get a chance do visit the Aluva River.

Banana Chips

After I moved on to Kozhikode in 2011, I had better taste for this banana chips. It is fun eating those hot oily chips that would be directly packed after taking it out from the huge hot frying utensil.Those salty crispy chips always made my tongue worst because I take in a lot of it. The shop you can see in the photo is the place from where I usually buy banana chips. And he is making chips.There would be long queue at times before the shop in the seasons like Onam and Vishu. Really it has inscribed a good memory of Kozhikkode in me.
Hey there! It had been a while since I have posted anything.

So many Photos...

Its been a long time since I have posted something in my blog. Now, after some months... Im again trying to gt active in blog. I just looked into the folder where I had collection of my Photos. I could see that there was quite a flow in improvement in each clicks I take. I m happy to have such a good collection with me.