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I love travelling. For travelling, I prefer Bus to any other mode of transport. It is because, I have the complete freedom to take ticket to any place I like. I can choose my own seat which has got its own importance in my journey. In Kerala, I have found happiness and comfort using KSRTC service which is run by the state. Depending on the time of arrival, cost and some other factors, I can choose different classes in these services. 

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Pondichery is situated in south India. It is situated in TamilNadu, but not in the TN state. It is the Union Territory and the Government of India has got the direct control over it.After the British left India, the French colonies still had their powers in India. So after thy left India, such small colonies were regarded as UT. Pondichery as got a small area in North Kerala as well.So what I'm talking about is the culture there. Ther are not only the Indians, but settlers from different countries. People has got liberty to do anything legal here without any stereotypes or chauvinism. Here, everything is for everyone.When I got down the bus early morning in pondichery, a group of autorikshaws came and took me to the room where rooms were reserved. After reaching there  a cab was arranged by the buys who owned the rooms. Thanks to them. My pondichery visit along with four friends of mine was to do a case study on a weekend home. We did that successfully. I'll write in detail ab…


Each of the individual has a particular space that he or she always wishes to be the most private space. No wonder everything in ones life happiness and sadness happens to experience a part of it in these private space.These spaces are mostly created eventually after settling down at that particular part of the home or the building. It's the time that make you and the space one. But for some other people who can afford to make such space have a chance to create their own space.
For example.. most people build homes for the sake of home only. For the utility for the family as a whole. But for the people who have extra cash in the account can invest to create this space.The only problem is to get used to with the spaceWell.. the architects have a major role in composition of the spaces. It is not that simple to compose a design. We have to follow certain rule regarding the directions, positions of the rooms and chambers etc etcIn kerala we have an ancient rules called vasthu shasth…


There are different kinds of people on this planet. Which means, men and women can be classified further again. Some people help another, while some don't bother others at all.When you need to understand people, you should take a chance to get out of the house leaving the technology behind and observe different people. What they do within their particular radius will reflect a lot about them. Somebody spits on a public space. The person proves himself that he is not bothered about the public space or say...He has got no respect to the environment. Once I asked such a person, 'Hey! Is it respectful to spit on the road? The road is getting dirty!'. He gave a reply that it will rain soon and that what he spat would be washed away eventually. I had no answer. For once he was right. I walked away.Another person is nearby my house. He lost control over his legs and his wheelchair does the locomotion for him. I used to see him almost everyday. He always smiled at everyone. I coul…


This is just an introduction to my next posts related to different Architect ude and ideologies of different people all around the globe.Architecture in my opinion has to do something with the discipline of a participate traditional or say..the culture of a particular place.Architect don't just create a plan election and section for a building. Some Architects work on the clients description or rather one can say that the client just speak out what he or she might have dreamt of. But that kind of architecture is for gulfil kung client dream. In that process the whole of our ideas and creativities can not be explained. There are some other people who put their entire creativities into the space. One such person is the Sri Lankan Architect Geoffrey Bawa. He was born in the british Ceylon to a rich lawyer. Since he had money, he went on touring places and at one time he had his life almost settled in Italy. He tell in love with the culture there. The tropical homes. But he had to com…


In my opinion, travelling is a very important part of the professional life. While you are a part of the busy system, you have got the opportunities to explore what's happening around you. How things are being administered. Why are certain activities conducted etc.
For a photographer, travelling gives hin so many opportunities to click so many photos. Another aspect of travelling is that you will be out of the pressure from the work and gets a relief both physically and mentally. The more you travel the more you are refreshed.Everyone has got a style for travelling as well.. take the case of a person who has got an interest in travelling frequently. That person will be fully equipped with all the stuffs he /she needs while travelling. But if you take the case of an architect who has got a frequent travelling habits, most probably he would be having a sketchbook with him. Some people travel in their private vehicle, some uses the public transport like buses, train, and other modes.…

Content Crisis

I had started this blog initially as my space to share the photos I used to take. But at times I dont get to click photos. The camera always dont work well. I run out of contents. I lost so many of my readers from whole around the globe. I lost my grip in my English as well.

The truth is that my lifestyle changed. From school days to college days. My college is situated in a village where the people are still not taken by the technology. But because of that the have a lots of love and affection towards each other. No one is greedy like the city folks. There is enough greenery for a nature lover. There is a ground for playing a friendly football match. The old village system still exist here. Going to the city like Kozhikode still make some people wonder because some of them still haven't been there.

For me its like one of the good place on the planet Earth. I live in the first floor of a lodge like building for rent along with two of my classmates. For food, there is a small rest…