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Blog upgrade.

Tomorrow onwards you will see new upgraded blog and new kind of posts. Stay tuned.
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So many Photos...

Its been a long time since I have posted something in my blog. Now, after some months... Im again trying to gt active in blog. I just looked into the folder where I had collection of my Photos. I could see that there was quite a flow in improvement in each clicks I take. I m happy to have such a good collection with me.

Vazhachal Falls

The vazhachal falls if a small waterfall formed from the Chalakudi river in Thrissur district , Kerala. This waterfall is 4-5 Kilometers away from the famous Athirapally falls. Though it is not that great and dont have great view, there is a path alongside this river where one can walk and can feel the roaring flow of water along the rocky paths made by the water there. It is an experience worth visiting.

GNK #2

Let us work on another photo. Here, I have taken the photo of a cat that used to take nap in my balcony.

GNK #1: Color Efex Pro 4

GNK(Google Nik Collection)
Let us start the journey of editing the photos using Color Efex Pro. Due to poor quality of the camera ( for that instance) or because of your bad experience in clicking, the photos can get a little greyish,, or you can say that the photo that you clicked is not satisfactory for you. So Color efex pro can help you a lot here.

Google Nik Collection

Google's Nik Collection is a very simple and interesting photo editing tool. Earlier, it was a paid version, but now it's free to download.
If you are a professional photographer, or an ameteur photographer, Googlw Nik collection can be an effective tool for editing the photos you have take. Google Nik collections contains many different softwares. They are as follows.
1) Color Efex Pro 4: A very good software that can help you to edit your photo with a variety of filters in it. You can convert your photo into a B/W or you can convert it into an interesting colorful image.
2) Analog Efex Pro: If you wish to give your image an old look, with a few scratches and fading effects, this tool will be helpful. In this, you can even choose the type of film that you wished to get your image appear in.

These are the two main tools I use to edit my photos. The rest of them are as follows.
3)Silver Efex Pro
5)HDR Efex Pro
6)Sharpener Pro

Thought I have these downloaded, I…

Just for a background image.

After I came to know about the camera of Nokia 6303i classic, I started taking photos with it. It was truly a great experience talking photos in this phone camera. I took this photo for making this as the background image of the phone.